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Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high because he has known My NAME.

Psalm 91:14

MAJOR KEY ALERT!! This post is about to change your prayer life.

I ALWAYS say (so go ahead and roll your eyes lol) that one of the biggest things that the church is lacking is prayer. One day I was just reflecting and asked myself WHEN do people actually pray IN church? It’s literally one time, usually an introduction opening prayer that invites the Spirit to come in and then that’s that. Church is a gathering of saints (and aints), but what a perfect time to do ALL God has called us to do. We make time for praise, worship, teaching, and preaching, then leave out prayer. The only thing more powerful than prayer is the power of collective prayer.

Born again Christians, believing Christians, God loving Christians are sitting in church every Sunday, but they have no power because not only are they not praying, but sometimes they don’t know how to pray. Prayer is what gives you spiritual strength and also opens up the eyes of your spirit to learn of spiritual truths in God’s kingdom through his Word. Sometimes our intentions are all good, but good intentions don’t move God. You can’t get to Heaven and say “oh I didn’t know” or “my pastor never told me.” The Bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” Meaning the devil is chilling all up and through many areas of our lives without us

  1. Being knowledgeable that even he’s doing it and
  2. Without us knowing how to effectively fight back.

One thing Satan loves is ignorance. However the Word also says, “get understanding.” That’s a command, not a suggestion, so it’s our personal journey and responsibility to get it.

What I’m about to share is a spiritual key. Once you see this your eyes will see scripture in a new way.

Sometimes, we pray and ask God for things but we don’t use the right name so those things don’t happen. I’ve compiled a list of these names with brief descriptions and references. Use them. Intentionally; with your new knowledge because it works. It’s God honoring His own name.

1. When you need God to fight for you: Lord of Hosts
1st Sam 17:45 & Isa 59:5
2. When you need Him to create something: God
Gen 1:1
3. When you need Him forgive and save you: Jesus
Matt 1:21
4. When you need help to BE something: Christ
Phil 4:13, Act 2:36
5. When you need Him to Take Something Away from you: Lamb of God
John 1:29 - Remember that Jesus became the Lamb of God and took the place of the Old Testament sacrificial lamb. (They would take an animal and transfer all the sins of the people on that animal and kill it for atonement through its blood) Jesus became that Lamb and was sacrificed that's why through His BLOOD he took away (sins, diseases, infirmities) etc.
6. When you need direction: Shepard
Psalm 23
When you need Him to take something for you (go and get something for you) or if you don't want to cry out for a need anymore: Lion of Tribe of Judah
Rev 5:4-5
8. When you need Him To hold something for you: Holy Father
John 17:11-12
  • How do you use these names? Say it the same way it’s used in the scripture. If David said “I stand in the power of the name of the Lord of hosts” then I also say “I stand in the power of the name of Lord of hosts. “ lol. I do everything as it’s stated scripturally. That’s just me.

I also don’t forget that in the New Testament, when the disciples asked Jesus how to pray he said pray TO the Father IN my name. I used to very ignorantly pray and start by saying “Lord Jesus.”  Jesus said pray to the Father not Him. His example prayer started with “our Father”. When my eyes got open to this I quickly stopped and started ALL my prayers with Father, my Father, etc. and made sure to insert “in Jesus name.”  We don’t want to be ignorant and just pray these names and not have it reach God because we didn’t follow Jesus’ instructions.

  • Some examples of how I use them are:  “my Father, you are my Shepard. Be my Shepard and lead me and guide me to this place, in Jesus name.”

“My Father, I stand in the power of the name of Lord of Hosts. Lord fight every spiritual battle for me.. in Jesus name”

Another example

“My Father, Lamb of God! Take away my affliction. Take away this (I dunno, secret addiction, sickness, disease) or whatever, in Jesus name”.

  • Lastly, there are combinations of these names which means that it would just mean a  combination of the meanings. I.e. Jesus Christ, Father God etc

Sometimes we may unknowingly just say these things as a title to call God without knowing the spiritual significance, but when I say it makes a difference…! I’ve had people who I’ve shared this with already telling me the same. I hope you find it helpful as well!

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